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Synchronized Business Solutions (SBS)

SBS was founded in the Middle East over 13 years ago and grew into one of the leading digital solution providers.

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SBS offers Turnkey Digital Solutions packaged with maintenance, support and even content services.


  • Consultations
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  • We study, assess, and identify business opportunities within the scope of Digital Solutions. We accordingly provide expertise, recommendations and tailored consultations to a wide range of sectors
  • Content Management
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  • We create, animate, develop and enhance creative content on Digital Platforms. We can also, plan, manage, deploy, and even evaluate Digitally displayed content within an organization assess
  • Project Management
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  • We plan, coordinate, and execute projects to efficiently deliver tailored turnkey solutions. We have sufficient experience to address any unplanned challenges positively.
  • Managed
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  • We provide tailored outsourcing services for a wide range of services and functions related to Digital or IT Security Solutions in the areas of operations, support, network and infrastructure
  • Security
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  • SBS provides all the security that your business network needs. From testing, audits, reviews and assessments. SBS will be able to guide and provide the best security system to keep your business and clients safe.